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Welcome to my website, blog and photography site. I’ll try to keep uploading new things (photos, software I write, etc…), time permiting.

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Netbeans hangs in Ubuntu 15.10 ! (12/12/2015)
  Netbeans crashing/hanging after upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10 !

Bluetooth working in my Lenovo Z50 ! (10/07/2015)
  Got my bluetooth headphones working in my Lenovo Z50 running Linux

Copying files to USB made my lap crawl ! (27/05/2015)
  Copying files from the internal HDD to a USB device was killing my laptop…

Extracting MP3 audio files from video files (23/02/2015)
  Extracting audio from video files, again

Extracting MP3 audio from video (10/01/2015)
  How to extract MP3 audio from a video file in Linux

Ubuntu 14.10 on a Lenovo Z50 (28/12/2014)
  Installing Ubuntu 14.10 on a Lenovo Z50 laptop

PNG compression (14/12/2013)
  Batch-compressing PNGs in Linux to save space

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I like taking photos. I like it a lot.
Here you’ll find some shots I’ve done over the time. Here you have a sample of 3 galleries. Click below to see all the galleries.

Manresa City Festival 2012
Some shots from Manresa City Festival, 2012

Cups series
Cups series

Some sunflowers
Some sunflowers, in colour of course

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Why do I shot using Lensbaby lenses (22/09/2013)
  Why, oh why, do I shot so many things using a Lensbaby lens?

Lensbaby’s 0,6x and 1,6x adapters (09/08/2012)
  How do they work, and how they affect your pictures

Lensbaby’s Edge80 (08/07/2012)
  First impressions of Lensbaby’s Edge80

Correcting Lensbaby’s 0,42x chromatic aberration in the GIMP (16/06/2012)
  Trying to correct Lensbaby’s 0,42x chromatic aberration in the GIMP

The Lensbaby kit (04/02/2012)
  The Lensbaby kit is a set of lenses that allow you to shoot images with selective focus and much more

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