Here you’ll find some photos I’ve made over the years.

I’ve also have an account at:

The photos in all the sites are pretty much the same. I try to be active in all them, though is slowly dying…

A street, i to v
Series of photographs done in a street in Manresa
Another day at Barcelona
Some pictures I took in a morning, walking around Barcelona
Cornudella de Montsant & surroundings
Photos from Cornudella de Monsant and El Priorat
Cups series
Cups series
Collection of my cyanotype prints
Gum Bichromates
Collection of my gum bichromate prints
Macro shots
Some pics from Manresa
Some pictures from the town I live in, Manresa, near Barcelona
Manresa City Festival 2012
Some shots from Manresa City Festival, 2012
Manresa - Looking up
Photos done walking in Manresa, and looking up
Manresa - Night
Walking around Manresa, at night
Play series
Play series
Some shots from Poland
Poland, II
Some more shots from Poland
Some sunflowers
Some sunflowers, in colour of course
Ongoing “Umbrellas” series
Misc & unclassificable
Miscellaneous and difficult to classify pics

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