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Converting an image to B&W (cont’d)

I’ve been taking a look at what I wrote in the 2nd part of this entry… Since I wrote it, I’ve made quite extensive use of C2G, and I’d like to publish what I found.

Here goes a summary of my findings:

  • The radius affects the quality of the conversion. Usually, more radius means less noise, and more subtle effect of the B&W conversion.
  • The samples and iterations have a direct impact on the quality. I haven’t found out how they work, but I’ve usually set both of them to 10 whenever I want a good conversion.
  • I haven’t found a difference between radial gamma and gamma. The lower the value, the “brighter” (in terms of gamma) the result will be.
  • The strength value is, surprise, the strength of the effect. “0″ simply makes C2G to make a “flat” B&W conversion.

Not a complete tutorial, but I hope anyone finds this useful.

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