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How to remove purple-cyan fringing in The Gimp, continued

(This is an update to this tutorial)

I’ve been shooting with the lens that came with my D7000, a 18–105VR. Not the best lens in the world, I’m afraid. Maybe I’d better chose the 18–200VR kit when I bought the camera, but my pocket hurted too much.

Well, whatever, I end up with the 18–105VR, which is nice, has VR, but has a problem with fringing, so I’ve been investigating about this issue, and how to solve it.

I missed, don’t know how, the Colors > Color Aberration entry in the Gimp. Great.

This plugin, which is not found in the Filters menu, it’s specifically designed to remove CA:

I’m affected by Lateral Chromatic Aberration, which is more evident at the outer borders of the image, and is negligible in the center.

This CA is solved by the Lateral sliders:

You have to fiddle a bit with the values. My guess is that they’re dependent on the Focal Length of the shot, so I think that it makes sense to implement some kind of database of lenses/focal lengths.

I’ll investigate this a little more.

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