Ubuntu 14.10 on a Lenovo Z50

(Have I really been A WHOLE YEAR without writing anything here???)

Santa has brought me a Lenovo Z50 :) And he has even included a 256GB SSD drive and 8GB extra of RAM, so I’ve been a little bit busy setting up Ubuntu 14.10 on it.

It features an i5 processor, with VT-x extensions, and stylish aluminium case.

A very nice laptop, I have to say.

Now, for the installation issues I’ve found:

  • Installing the SSD and the RAM: No problem at all. You can very easily open the case and set up the SSD and the RAM. You’ll find videos on YouTube on how to do it but they are not necessary at all.
  • Installing Ubuntu: Ubuntu offers LVM when installing. I didn’t want the burden (thought it’s probably worth it), so I chose a more traditional disk layout.
    The thing is, I mistakenly selected LVM and the installer started the process with it. Going back is pretty complex, since the installed detects the layout and uses it in the next install try. I had to boot Ubuntu and clear everything with GParted.
  • Virtualization: I use Libvirt/QEMU to run my virtual machines. By default, virt-extensions are disabled on the Lenovo. Don’t know why. You have to enable them in the BIOS, which appears on boot-up if you click a tiny button just near the power plug in the laptop.
  • Libvirt: While I have an SSD, I run my windows virt machines on an external HDD. I haven’t been able to run them due to permissions, until I’ve set up QEMU to run on my non-root user (this is done changing /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf).
  • Ah, bluetooth is not working at all. It seems to affect everybody with this laptop, and there seems to be no solutions right now… oh well…
    It detects the bluetooth hardware, but it cannot see the BT devices.

Besides that, the laptop is blazingly fast. Love it =)

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